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Roland MV-8000 Review

I would quickly recommend the MV8000 to any DJ, Producer, or Home recording artist.

I began working on the MV8000 and immediately was impressed at how many options I had to work with. I was shocked when I learned that not only could I use all of the sounds that came with the unit but that I could also record my own in and manipulate them to sound however I saw fit.

I was impressed further when I completed my first minute long loop with variations included that I was already finished and that it was so simple to complete the beat. I loved the fact that I could be auditioning the sound that I had just created while, with the touch of a button, I could take the newest part in and remove it with the same button tap. I found this useful when I was attempting to see if the part that I had just recorded was good enough to keep. If I decided to keep the part I simply went on to the next sound that I wanted to record, and if I deemed it not worthy, I then pressed a single button and it was gone. I thought that another available function that was extremely useful was the ability to be auditioning the current recording and if I were moved to add to it I could add in a new sound with a single press of the record button. I used that function more than once and it made me feel more comfortable with the end result because I could feel the music better and I never lost the opportunity to keep my best takes. If I was moved while working, began to add sounds and then decided I didn’t like them I could simply discard them just as easily as I recorded them in.

I also liked the sounds that came with the unit because they weren’t simply single sounds they were loops within the patches. I could use another loop and improve upon it as I went. I feel that this would be extremely useful for a DJ playing in a club. The DJ could easily increase the complexity of the beat by pressing the hold button down and then adding more sound layers on top. It is also just as simple to remove these sounds. I could very easily press the one that I wanted to remove and continue with the original beat. This again is useful for DJ’s because they could then begin a totally different style of music by bringing in more sounds on different patches while that beat continued to play. A DJ could quite literally work from one set of pads all evening long. A producer could also benefit from this function by capitalizing on the amount of sounds that are available at one time, and with the ability to sample your own sounds into the patches with other sounds, the producer could easily assign all of the sounds he needs and never have to leave that patch.

Home recording artists would love this unit simply because you can enter any number of other instruments into the MV8000 and then manipulate those sounds in many different ways. I also feel that recording artists would utilize this unit because anything that is created in the unit can be saved on the included 40GB hard drive. Home recorders could use this if they were to ever play live because of the hold function and the hard drive combined. A single guitar player could use this machine as a back-up on stage. Simply record in the rest of the sounds that you plan to use to complete your song and then use the hold function. One more benefit to the home recording artist is the mastering capability. Finish your project and then solidify it with all of the proper tools necessary to make it sounds as good or better than you imagined.

I would quickly recommend the MV8000 to any DJ, Producer, or Home recording artist. I feel that they will all be impressed with the number of options they are offered. this machine will keep you making music with ease and offering you a great avenue to express your ideas.

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