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Rode NT2000 Review

Whether its a tight cardioid sound or a roomier, natural-reverb omni sound, this mic helps me find that "just right" vibe.

The NT2000 has been one of the go-to microphones in my home studio for years. As a saxophonist, I have truly appreciated it’s silky tone and transparent quality. And, as one who occasionally records vocals and guitars and in a variety of different environments, I very much appreciate its versatility and tonal potential.

For example, when I’m recording blues sax, setting the pad at about -5dB backs the signal off just enough so that I can really blow out without distorting the input signal. On the other hand, certain styles – like soft jazz ballads – demand a more sensitive and up-close micing technique; I set the pad at 0dB and the NT2000 picks up every nuance and whisper. And, when I’m going for a smooth jazz sound, setting the low frequency rolloff at 150Hz provides a sound that’s a little thinner and more penetrating – just what I’m looking for.

For vocals the NT2000 is has a delightful sense of high-end presence without being thin or harsh – very open and detailed. The same is true with acoustic guitar – very clean, bright and full. And having the variable low frequency rolloff is SO handy; dial it up to rolloff at 150Hz and any rumble or bottom end nonsense is gone.

Besides the clarity and transparency of the microphone, my other favorite feature is the sweepable polar pattern. No matter what room I’m in, or what instrument I’m recording, there’s a polar pattern that accentuates the style and ambiance of the sound I’m going for. Whether its a tight cardioid sound or a roomier, natural-reverb omni sound, this mic helps me find that “just right” vibe.

The NT2000 is an amazing value. Reasonably priced, it’s a great sounding large diaphragm condenser microphone that offers a good number of great options for finding a large variety of sounds and colors. I recommend it!

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