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Use Reason Adapted to create drum loops for Pro Tools sessions

Take advantage of the advanced sequencing features built into Pro Tools software: Here’s how to set up a Pro Tools session to use sounds from the Reason Adapted Redrum module, without using Reason’s built-in sequencer:

  1. Create a new MIDI track and a new stereo aux track.
  2. On the stereo aux track, choose Reason Adapted as an insert. Reason will load automatically, if it’s not already open.
  3. Once Reason is loaded, go back to Pro Tools and make sure there’s an output chosen in the ReWire window (the default is “Mix L-Mix R”).
  4. Choose “Redrum channel 10” as the output on your MIDI track.
  5. In Reason, choose the drum sounds that you want to use by clicking on the Browse Sample button for each instrument and navigating to the location of your Reason samples. (Note: When you installed Reason Adapted, numerous samples were loaded along with the program. To find these samples, try looking in the Reason Factory Sound Bank folder within your Reason Adapted for Digidesign folder. You can preview the samples using the preview play button in the sample browser window.)
  6. After choosing the drum sounds you want to use in your loop, go back to Pro Tools and begin building your loop in MIDI.

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