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Propellerheads Reason 3.0 Review

I personally use Reason as a loop creator, it is a great starting point for working on tracks.

Reason is a revolutionary product that puts racks of traditional studio gear right on your computer’s desktop. Reason combines the logic of signal flow from the analog world and brings it to the digital realm but also takes it one step further by giving us the visual aspect of working with our beloved outboard equipment.

Included in this amazing package are the Subtractor and Maelstrom synths, The NN-19, NN-XT, and Dr. Rex sample players, the awesome RE-Drum drum machine (arguably the “next” mpc), and multiple effects like the Scream distortion module, BV-512 Digital Vocoder, UN-16 Unison, Spider audio merger, Spider CV merger, a slamming down and dirty compressor, and the amazingly lush RV-7000 reverb and delay. The power of Reason is in how it effortlessly you can combine these virtual “rack units” to configure almost any gear combination you can imagine, no more climbing behind dusty racks of outboard equipment searching for patch cords!

Reason is also a full production environment. allowing you to quickly arrange your ideas into songs. I personally use Reason as a loop creator, it is a great starting point for working on tracks. I find the same inspiration working with this program that I feel when working with my old analog gear and sequencers. You can just open Reason jump right in and within minutes inspiration will take over. I also love the fact that I can patch virtually anything into anything else. The only limitation is your imagination when working with Reason, If you can think it you really can do it. You will quickly find that working with Reason is really addictive as playing a video game. If you have any question as to whether Reason is a “professional” software rest assured. Many artists including The Beastie Boys and The Prodigy have used Reason as the main creation application for their new albums with many more converts being added every day proving this is software of the highest caliber.

Reason can be used stand alone or in rewire mode integrating itself seamlessly into other applications, the perfect studio environment to take on the road. If you have not experienced the power of Reason before you really owe it to yourself and your music. All it takes is a couple of minutes with this program to realise the potential it can have in your music.From hip hop to house, or even jazz or classical. Reason will quickly become your “go to” app to realise your musical dreams. The power of Reason is expanded on even more with the ever growing library of Reason Refills, professionally produced sample libraries that will offer loads of additional sounds for your virtual studio.

It is not often that a software raises the bar so high, you really owe it to yourself to give Reason a try and see how far you can take your creativity!

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