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Preset Changes on Roland eBand JS-8?

Q: After reading your Guitars & Gear article, I’m interested in the Roland eBand JS-8. But what happens if the song you’re playing requires more than one sound? Does the eBand have a way to automate the effects through the song? Or do you need an external pedal to change the presets?

A: There is no way to automate patch changes with the JS-8, but you can use a Roland FS-5U or FS-6 pedal (or a third-party, compatible pedal) to step through patches (up/down) or to control a variety of other parameters and functions:

  • PATCH +1 — Select the next effect patch number (+1).
  • PATCH -1 — Select the previous effect patch number (-1).
  • PLAY/STOP — Operate the player ( Play/Stop).
  • REC/STOP — Operate the recorder (Rec/Stop).
  • SOLO — Switch SOLO on and off.
  • PH.LOOP STOP — Stop PHRASE LOOP ( DELAY). The recorded content will be erased at the same time.
  • ROTARY SPEED SEL — Switch the speaker’s rotation speed (SLOW/FAST).
  • TUNER — Switch the Tuner screen on/off.

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