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Yet another plug-in engine, originally created by Adobe for use with their Premiere video editing software. As you might imagine, the main functions Premiere plug-ins were relevant to had to do with video editing and manipulation, but the format proved to also be an effective way to apply DSP algorithms to audio. Developers for pro audio such as Arboretum and Bias have seen success with some unique processing tools in the Premiere plug-in format. However, the Premiere format RAM-based preview is one of the fundamental shortcomings of the Premiere plug-ins. The Preview function can only play as much of your audio selection as can be loaded in RAM, and is a behavior you’ll see with all Premiere compatible plug-in effects. Many sound editing programs allow the user to adjust the size of the preview buffer, thereby increasing or decreasing the total amount of possible preview time. When increasing the buffer, remember that this will take up more RAM, in addition to the amount already allocated to the program. Premiere plug-ins are not compatible with other plug-in formats.

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