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Pedal of the Day: JHS Pulp N Peel

Josh Scott started JHS Pedals as a result of his desire to build quality, hand-made effects that were different from the rest of the pedals on the market. The JHS Pulp N Peel Compressor certainly falls into that category. The Pulp N Peel starts with a famous vintage pedal compressor, preserves the elements that are most desirable about the original, and gives it a radical makeover.

The Pulp N Peel adds dynamics and sustain while keeping your tone intact. Many pedal compressors have an issue with high-end loss and lack of definition, but the Pulp N Peel’s transparency and natural feel will tempt you to leave it engaged all of the time. The three controls on the Pulp N Peel are surprisingly versatile. The large amount of headroom makes the volume control particularly effective; the low noise floor allows the Pulp N Peel to be used as a boost either before or after an overdrive pedal.

The most obvious difference with the Pulp N Peel is the addition of a blend control. This allows you to blend your original, unaffected guitar tone with the compressed signal, giving you all of your attack and immediacy combined with sweet, fat sustain. With the Blend control turned all the way to the compressor-only side and the Comp control all the way way up, the Pulp N Peel delivers seemingly endless gobs of super-juicy sustain. Backing both controls down allows you to find that just-right ratio.

If you’re a fan of compression and wish you could find one to leave on all of the time or if you’re looking for your first compressor, JHS Pulp N Peel can easily find a home on your pedalboard.

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