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Pedal of the Day: Digitech JamMan Express XT Phrase Sampler/Looper

Digitech has added another pedal to the highly acclaimed JamMan series of loopers. This time, it’s a compact, simple-to-use, CD-quality looper that will have you layering tracks right out of the box. Digitech’s two decades of experience creating loopers has taught them what works and what’s necessary, and the JamMan Express XT has all that at the lowest price point for a full-featured looper.

Ten minutes of 24-bit, 44.1kHz sampling is available for you to loop and layer via a single, true-bypass footswitch. Three indicator lights: record, dub, and play let you know the pedals current operating mode. Stopping, re-starting, or clearing your loops is equally easy utilizing Express XT’s single footswitch. Silent Clear makes clearing your loops even cleaner and easier. No need to activate the loop and then try to quickly clear the loop before it makes an audible noise; simply depress and hold the footswitch down and the loop is cleared. Silent Clear is exclusive to the JamMan Express XT, no other looper on the market has this ingenious feature.

The all-metal chassis also sports stereo ins and outs, a level control and two 1/8″ in and out jacks for Digitech’s JamSync, which allows two or more JamMan loopers to be connected, so you can perfectly synchronize and layer multiple loops. The loops can even be of varying lengths. Connect two or more loopers to a single source or multiple loopers to multiple instruments and have them all synched. Stop each loop independently or shut them all off simultaneously with the footswitch of the original loop.

The XT is a diminutive 1.8″ tall, 4.4″ deep, and 2.3″ wide. Weighing in at a mere 0.8 lbs, this looper is very easy on precious pedalboard real estate. Intuitive design and ease of use in Digitech’s smallest, most inexpensive looper are reason enough to take a good look at this pedal. Great sound and exclusive features will make you look even closer. Whether you’re just getting started with looping or are expanding a current looping rig, the Digitech JamMan Express XT will do it simply, effectively and affordably.

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