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Over Easy

A function found on some dynamics processors – most frequently compressors – that gradually changes the function of gain versus level once the signal nears the threshold. In a normal compressor, for example, the signal is unaffected until it reaches the set threshold. When this happens the gain change characteristic goes into effect. If the compressor is set to a 2:1 ratio then the output will now only increase 1 dB for every 2 dB the input rises. With over easy engaged the ratio gradually changes from 1:1 to 2:1 as the signal nears the threshold. In fact, right at the threshold it may only be something like 1.5:1, achieving full 2:1 compression a few dB beyond the threshold. The thinking is that turning the compression on gradually can result in a less audible transition from normal gain into compression, particularly when used at higher ratio settings.

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