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  1. Corresponding to the usual state, not out of the ordinary.

  2. Something the inSync team is NOT accused of being (Can’t figure that out; we don’t think being nocturnal, doing strange things to guitars, lusting ferociously after electronic gear, and living in caves lit only by the blue phosphorescent glow of computer monitors is so strange. Besides, the resident sloths, bats and owls like it…)

  3. In patchbays, a normal is an internal connection from the top row of jacks, to the bottom row. Normalling allows connections that are normally in effect to exist without the need for inserting a patch cable in the front of the bay. For example, the stereo outs of a mixer are generally connected to the inputs on a stereo mixdown deck. By connecting the mixer’s outputs to the top back row of a normalled patchbay’s jacks, and the mixdown deck to the bottom back row, a connection is made internally in the bay, and does not require extra patch cables.

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