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New Features Added to Spider Jam Guitar Amp

You know the Line 6 Spider Jam as a burly 75-watt guitar amplifier that ships complete with hundreds of artist-approved presets, true sound-on-sound looping, and the tightest “backup band” on the planet. And now, with a single download, it will be even more powerful, more inspiring, and even more fun to play. See, the good folks over at Line 6 have just announced that a brand-new firmware upgrade will inject the Spider Jam with a super set of hot new features, including:

  • Independent time stretch and pitch shift. You can now independently change the tempo and pitch of any internal jam, recorded loop, or imported music. You can also slow down a track without changing the pitch and change the key without changing the tempo.
  • Improved FBV Shortboard navigation. Now, you can select and play jams directly from the FBV Shortboard.
  • Expanded SD Card functionality. You can import and jam along to virtually any piece of music and then export recordings to your DAWs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All registered Spider Jam owners can download the version 2.07 firmware upgrade! Just click the button and follow the on-screen directions – yeah, it’s that simple!

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