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NAMM News: Five New Budda Pedals

Well-respected tube-amp manufacturer Budda burst into the pedal scene with five new models at the Winter NAMM show. The new pedals included the Chakra Compressor, Karma Chorus, OM Overdrive, Samsara Delay, and Zenman Overdrive/Boost. All five feature true-bypass circuitry for a clean unaffect signal when not in use and a heavy-duty, built-to-last steel case. Other features:

Chakra Compressor

  • Pedalboard-sized optical compressor
  • Gain, Level, and Attack controls

Karma Chorus

  • Chorus and vibrato effect
  • Blend between effects for unique sounds

OM Overdrive

  • Overdrive pedal that goes from vintage overdrive to fuzz
  • Focused EQ that makes sure your solos cut through the mix

Samsara Delay

  • Vintage-sounding delay goes from 20 to 600 ms
  • Tone control lets you dial in everything from lo-fi sounds to crisp, modern delay sounds

Zenman Overdrive/Boost

  • Overdrive pedal goes from smooth overdrive to full-on crunch and grind
  • Footswitchable boost can be used in tandem with the overdrive or by itself

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