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Moog Emerson Modular System

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With the resurgence in interest in modular analog synthesizers, many of us dream of wall-sized cabinets loaded with dozens of modules, draped with a spaghetti rainbow of patch cables…in other words, we all dream of being Keith Emerson onstage with his amazing synth behemoth! Now you can live that dream, because in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Moog Modular, Moog is releasing the Emerson Moog Modular System. Featuring handcrafted modules built from the original circuit designs and utilizing the same hand construction and assembly methods used in the Trumansburg, New York, Moog Music factory circa 1969 — handstuffing components and hand soldering leads.

The Emerson Moog Modular System will have extremely limited availability, but if you’re looking for the real thing, this is it!

On a side note, talk about clever marketing; Moog announced the Emerson Moog Modular System on April 1st, making everyone assume it was an April Fool’s joke…but here it is, real as life!

Call us to learn more and to check on availability.

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