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Moog Cluster Flux


Moog Music has announced the brand-new Cluster Flux, the latest addition to the company’s line of all-analog effects. Cluster Flux is a modulation pedal that can create classic chorus, flange, and vibrato effects, but — as with all Moog pedals — can take things to an entirely new level and can create effects not available anywhere else. Cluster Flux offers modulation of multiple LFO waveforms: sine, triangle, square, saw, ramp and random, to create many kinds of new modulated BBD delay effects. MIDI in allows control over many parameters. Additional features include:

  • The ability to sync LFO modulation effects to MIDI clock or tap tempo.

  • The ability to control delay time with MIDI notes for “tuned” flanger comb-filter effects.
  • Control voltage control of delay time, LFO rate, feedback, LFO amount, and mix.
  • Send/return insert for external processing of BBD signals.
  • A second output configurable via DIP switches for different types of stereo outputs.
  • A “spillover” mode allows for creation of interesting drones and feedback effects.
  • Control of delay time, mix and feedback for extreme chorus effects
  • Bi-polar feedback design creates flanging effects with even or odd harmonic emphasis.
  • Wide-ranging LFO rate for very slow to audio rate modulation.
  • Input/output Level controls for use w/ wide range of devices.

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