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Microphone Month 4

Mic Stand

Short for “microphone stand.”

An implement designed to hold a microphone in the proper position for capturing sound. There are several types, including straight stands, boom stands, short stands, desk stands, and more. In general, the height of the stand and the reach of the boom (if there is one) are adjustable.

A mic stand may have a tripod base (with three legs), a solid heavy base (circular or another shape), or may be mounted on wheels for mobility. Mic stands are threaded to accept a microphone clip or microphone adapter. There are two common thread/sizes: 5/8-27 (most popular in the U.S.) or 3/8-16 (more popular outside the U.S.) Adapters are available for going from one thread/size to another. A variety of other accessories can be attached or clamped to most microphone stands.

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