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Is a Maxon Pedal the Same as an Ibanez?

Q: “At a vintage guitar show I was offered what looked just like an Ibanez Tube Screamer stompbox right down to the lime green color, but rather than having the name Ibanez on it, the pedal was branded Maxon. Is this a clone? A rip-off? Or what?”

A: Maxon was an OEM pedal maker for several manufacturers, including Ibanez. An old Maxon pedal should sound like an Ibanez, because it is an Ibanez, just with a different name. “Vintage” Ibanez branded Tube Screamers shot up in value when it was discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan used one, but most Maxons sell for less – in some cases, far less.

Today you can get two versions of the Ibanez tube screamer, the reissue TS808 (which is pretty much identical to the vintage model) and the TS9DX

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