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Long Throw

A down field pass (usually of more than 20 yards) in football. In music performance, anything thrown from the audience that makes it on to the stage at a concert (i.e. Beer bottles, shoes, or women’s underwear). In music equipment, long throw has references for loudspeakers and loudspeaker enclosures.

In a loudspeaker long throw refers to the ability of a speaker cone to travel long distances in and out without encountering nonlinearities in its response. In speaker enclosures (high frequency horns especially) long throw refers to a shape that “focuses” the sound energy in a tighter pattern so that it will travel farther in a coherent fashion. Some horns are designed to spread the energy into a wide pattern for coverage while others are designed to be “long throw.” Usually a long throw horn is recognizable by the long “throat” between the driver and the horn opening. Long throw speaker cabinets usually have the speakers recessed into some kind of horn like shape as well.

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