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Line 6 Floor POD Plus Review

I remember when I brought the Floor POD Plus home. I went into it with a limited amount of expectations. It was replacing a much larger multi-effects unit that broke down on me after years of abuse. I just plugged the Floor POD in, and started exploring the presets. About four hours later I found out how much I really got into this machine. It’s a simple design, very straightforward and easy to use, and everything is very intuitive so you can get right to the core use of the pedal. So I dove into refining the presets so I could have my own bank of sounds. It went incredibly fast because of how to-the-point the layout of the pedal is, I had a few personal presets in a matter of minutes.

I played it for months with just my presets and found myself one day deciding to explore some of the other presets in the pedal. Even though I had owned it for a while and used it regularly I was still shocked at how many sounds you get with this unit. Bank after bank of things ranging from chorus heavy clean tones, to gritty blues drives, to ambient delay heavy big sounds, to nasty dark metal tones, to straight forward amps with enough dynamics to please anyone that dials in tone with their guitar’s volume knob like I do. Overall my impression of this pedal was impressive to say the least, and in the 200-dollar price range, it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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