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Line 6 Bass PODxt Live Review

For the bassist who desires great flexability of tone, live and in the studio, the Line 6 Bass PODxt Live offers a vast spectrum of distinctive effects and amplifier models. I tried out the PODxt Live in my home studio, both direct into Pro-Tools and through a (pre-Fender) SWR Redhead. The results were persuasive.

The Bass Podxt Live offers twenty-eight digital replications of classic bass amplifier models from top shelf manufacturers like Ampeg, Eden, SWR, Mesa Boogie, Trace Elliot, and many others. Amplifier models recorded direct sounded remarkably realistic, with a real world quality that faithfully emulated the original amplifiers pushing air in a physical space. As a bonus, the Bass PODxt Live weighs in at seventeen pounds- considerably lighter then the amplifiers it emulates!

The Bass PODxt Live features quiet, studio grade effects from all the audio food groups. Flanges, choruses, delays, distortions, envelope filters, and synth effects are all well represented.

Finally, the Bass PODxt Live has a number of “creature comforts” sure to be appreciated by the gigging musician. A backlit tuner makes tuning on a dark stage a snap, and the full size tap tempo pedal on the unit makes synchronizing modulation effects easy. The integrated expression pedal is toe-switchable between wah and volume functionality, and an input for an additional expression pedal is available.

I would not hesitate to recommend to Line 6 Bass PODxt Live to any discerning bassist with a taste for great tone.

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