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Korg Triton Extreme 76 Review

The wealth of sounds and the ease of use were enough to have me sold on this great keyboard from day one.

I picked up the Triton Extreme 76 key workstation sampler for my week long review and the first thing I noticed was how manageable the weight was for such a large keyboard. After getting it home and unpacking it, I did what most people will want to do – set it up and test it out. This is one of the many areas that the Triton excels: its ease of use. The large touchview screen made it easy to figure out the basics of selecting patches and combis.

Unlike most people, I dove into the manual next. Actually, I should say manuals, as KORG includes 3 pieces of literature to get you started. The first is the Quick Start Guide, which provides basic information on the setup and operation of the most used features. It also serves as a sort of in depth table of contents for the other two guides. They include the operation guide and programming guide. Both are packed with information about every aspect of the Triton.

I was impressed with the palette of sounds that the Triton Extreme provides. Just about every genre of music is represented here, with some emphasis on dance and classical music. The patches are extremely robust, most come with multiple layers or arpeggiator settings, and the emulations of vintage keyboards is fantastic.

Another cool feature of the Triton Extreme is the unique ValveForce Circuit which allows you to add real analog tube warmth to any of the patches. Settings are remembered when switching sounds, so you can dial in just the right amount of tube sound, and save it for recall later.

Dual USB ports allow you to connect a computer and an external hard drive or CD-ROM simultaneously for storage of your songs, loading samples off CDs, or even creating an audio cd from your programs or sampled sounds! This also allows for using the Triton as a USB MIDI interface- not only for itself, but for other keyboards through MIDI connections.

All in all, the Triton Extreme was a joy to work with, and should feel at home in any studio or project house, as well as performing on stage. The wealth of sounds and the ease of use were enough to have me sold on this great keyboard from day one.

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