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Korg Triton Extreme 61 Review

Got sounds? The Korg Triton Extreme 61 does, and loads of them. There are so many different sounds in side this sampling workstation that if you don’t find what your looking for it probably doesn’t exist… yet! You can just build your own sounds with the onboard capabilities of the sound editor.

If you’re a gigging player covering many styles this is the workstation for you. Composers will like the diversity of orchestral sounds as well as the modern sounds for video or radio spots. Contemporary worship services can benefit from the ability to cover both new and traditional sonic ground. Lead synth players that want to step into the spotlight will appreciate the realistic distortion from the “Valve Force” built in tube.

With 1,334 programs, 50 drum kits, 1,280 combinations, up to 8 programs split, layered, zoned, or velocity allocated in addition 256 GM2 presets with 9 GM drum kits, 2 master stereo effects mono in stereo out, 5 insert effects stereo in/out, 1 master EQ 3 band, plus 102 insert effects just about any sound you can dream up can be accomplished in this powerful workhorse. Even though this sonic rocket comes laden with the best and most requested sounds from the Korg library to fuel your creativity, it is upgradeable with the MOSS (EXB-MOSS) expansion card that will add 6 D.S.P. voices from the legendary Korg Z1.

The “Valve Force” is a real tube mounted under “glass” right on the top of the board. This lets you kick in the turbo on guitar sounds or get that Vintage B3 gritty sound of years gone by without having to get more gear.

The Touch Screen display makes the system easy to navigate and use all the features easily. Used in combination with the dedicated buttons and dial switching from edit to program to sequence to sample becomes a breeze.

In Track sampling allows you to capture samples on the fly from the internal performance or an external guitar or microphone. That’s right you can record audio tracks to this baby directly in to the sampler. You’ll be able to work faster while capturing the vibe of the moment.

For the amount of sonic power you get with this sampling workstation right out of the box it is tough to beat this deal. Just don’t forget your compact flash cards to save your kickin’ tracks!

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