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How to Clean Acoustic Panels

Q: I have Auralex 2’x4’x2″ ProPanels (which are cloth-covered glass fiber acoustic panels) that I’ve used in a couple of my studios. It took a while to build my new studio, and while I did, the ProPanels were stored. They got quite dusty and because they were stacked, some of the glass fiber got onto the cloth covering. Is there an easy way to get these clean?

A: You should be able clean them using a vacuum cleaner. We’ve used a small shop-style vacuum, using just the end of the hose to pull dust and other dirt out of the cloth covering. You could also use a “furniture” attachment (the kind with a brush) on the vacuum hose to lightly brush the cloth and free the dust from the panel. This will also work with acoustic foam items.

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