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The helicon is a type of tuba, which has a helical, or spiral, shape and passes around the player’s body. The sousaphone is a modified helicon. Knowing this may give one pause to wonder why TC Electronic chose this name for its vocal processors, which later evolved into the company TC-Helicon. In actuality, the aforementioned company actually derives its name from Greek mythology. Helicon is a mountain in Southern Greece where the Muses – those nine daughters of Zeus who inspire musicians, singers, poets and artists – were said to reside. In Mythology, Helicon is a place where the speaking and singing voice is elevated to its highest levels. The most distinguished Muse, Calliope (“beautiful voice”) was the goddess of Epic Poetry and Song. Her son, Orpheus, was the most talented musician and singer of Greek Mythology. His songs were so beautiful that they could calm wild animals and storms. Erato, another Muse, was the goddess of love poetry and mimicry – she was able to transform her voice into any person.

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