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Hands-on Review: On-Stage Stands The Mighty Guitar Stand

As guitarists, we are all guilty of laying our instruments on the couch or floor, standing them up in the corner or leaning them against a chair. This vulnerable practice is bad enough at home but unpredictably dangerous on the gig. Seems like guitar stands are the last thing on our minds. Always be prepared with the On-Stage Stands Mighty Guitar Stand! Its lightweight, super-compact size makes it small enough to stash anywhere but the design and features are robust enough for any guitar in your collection.

The Mighty Guitar Stand is a low-profile, A-frame format, but its unique design is what truly sets it apart. Being made from a durable, molded polymer allows for the use of flat surfaces so there is nothing tubular or round, as in conventional guitar stand design. This is what makes the Mighty Guitar Stand so compact. Folded up, it’s easily the smallest stand I’ve ever owned.

I put the Mighty Guitar Stand in the front pocket of my guitar’s gig bag, along with the other stuff that’s normally in there, to use on a trio gig at a small club. After unfolding the arms and locking in the center stabilizing bar, I adjusted the yoke depth to accomodate my PRS 513 and the wide stance, non-skid feet and protective padding of the Mighty Guitar Stand put my mind at ease. The stand can easily be adjusted to fit everything from a solidbody to a jumbo acoustic by simply sliding the adjustable yoke. The arms are solid across the bottom, making theMighty Guitar Stand really stable especially considering it’s size and weight. Knowing that, I found that I had to make sure that the cables on the floor underneath the stand were running parallel to the arms, providing even contact for the arms with the floor for maximum stability. Once I got it set-up, the Mighty Guitar Stand was a champ; I never even gave it another thought.

At the end of the gig, I folded it up and stuck it back in my gig bag. The only learning curve item I encountered was to make sure and extend the yoke to its maximum before collapsing the Mighty Guitar Stand. When I didn’t, the arms wouldn’t close completely.

Using any low-profile guitar stand is a bit risky for my taste in a windy, outdoor setting or a high-traffic stage with techs and non-performers, but for any other setting I can think of: studio, House of Worship, rehearsal, coffee house, office, living room, etc, the Mighty Guitar Stand will perform perfectly. Considering the cost, I will definitely own at least two Mighty Guitar Stands: one for at-home and one that stays in my cable bag. The flat, compact, feather-weight design means that you can stack the Mighty Guitar Stand on a shelf if you have space issues or can leave one in a gig bag or wherever you could possibly need a guitar stand.

Don Carr

About Don Carr

With a three-decade career as a professional guitarist in Nashville, Tennessee, Sweetwater's Don Carr has a long list of album credits in multiple genres of music. His resume includes hundreds of radio and television appearances, as well as thousands of live performances in America and abroad as lead guitarist for the legendary Oak Ridge Boys. Don provides Sweetwater with professional insight through product demos, reviews, how-to’s, and group instruction. He is also the first-call session guitarist for Sweetwater Studios.
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