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Guitar of the Day: Seagull Guitars Artist Mosaic QII

In the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada is the small village of La Patrie where the Seagull Guitar factory makes its home. With nearly half of the population employed by Seagull, this little town situated close to Vermont is proud of the fine instruments they craft and it shows in every single Seagull guitar. The Artist Mosaic QII is a shining example of that craftsmanship.

Seagull’s Artist Series guitars feature hand-selected, premium woods such as the Artist Mosaics QII’s solid mahogany back and sides and tight-grained cedar top. Sonically, this combination has a warm, even tone with prominent mids. The pressure-tested cedar top also has Compound Curve, which arches the top at the soundhole to resist downward pressure near the fingerboard. Structural integrity is thereby increased and allows for the use of less bracing and a thinner top, which in turn allows for more vibration. This is key as the top is the part of the guitar that affects the sound most. Adirondack spruce is used for the bracing material and is prized by instrument makers for its combination of strength and flexibility. Compound Curve and Adirondack spruce braces are two of the many premium features common to the entire Seagull lineup.

The solid mahogany neck is set to the perfect pitch (angle) relative to the body, which results in the fullest sound available from the instrument; pitched too far forward the highs disappear, too far back and the result is low-end loss. The neck and headstock start out as one piece and then are cut and the headstock reversed. The opposing grain of the woods increases stability, enhancing tone and tuning consistency. The Double Function Truss System offers two-way adjustment for taming under or over bowed necks. These are three more standard Seagull innovations.

The Artist Mosaic QII has Godin’s Quantum II electronics system, which has a built-in tuner and both an under-saddle transducer and a custom-designed microphone. The mic can be blended in and phase adjusted to cancel or notch any unwanted frequencies. The nut and compensated bridge are both made of Graphtech’s Tusq material. A super-thin Custom Polished finish is applied to this and every Seagull guitar, allowing maximum vibration and protection of the guitar that will wear well and loosen up with age. The more this guitar is played, the better it will sound.

With top-grade tonewoods, appointments such as herringbone binding and rosette, 12th-fret flying-seagull inlay, and a durable, lightweight, TRIC (Thermally Regulated Instrument Case), the Artist Mosaic QII sits toward the top of the Seagull line. Like all Seagull guitars, the Artist Mosaic QII is an incredible price vs performance value.

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