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Graphic Equalizer

A type of EQ that is configured to provide a graphic display of the EQ settings. Years ago equalizers were all rotary knob based. When units began to arrive on the scenes that had 15, 30, or even 45 bands (frequencies) they could EQ at once it became difficult to see what was going on at a glance. Looking at a row of 30 knobs to get an overall idea of the EQ curve is pretty difficult. So equalizers that used sliders instead of knobs were developed and quickly won the favor of engineers due to their improved ergonomics. People liked how easy it was to see the overall EQ curve at a glance, but they also just liked using sliders more than knobs (something that we’d already figured out about mixers). The ONLY thing that makes an EQ “graphic” is this configuration of being able to see the curve at a glance. Contrary to popular belief there are graphic EQ’s that have the same features as parametric EQ’s, including Q controls and sweepable frequencies. Most graphic EQ’s, however, only give you control of cutting or boosting a pre-selected set of frequencies at a pre-selected Q.

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