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Full Range

In reference to loudspeakers, full range means that a device is capable of producing the entire range of human hearing, which is generally known to be from about 20 Hertz to 20 kHz. This term isn’t very rigorously used, however, as there is no implied or commonly agreed upon understanding for how evenly the range of frequencies is represented. For example, a device could put out 30 dB more SPL at 500 Hz than at 20 Hz and still be considered “full range.” Instead the term is normally used to denote devices that can be, or are being, used in applications where they produce the full range of sound to the best of whatever their abilities are, even if they can’t truly reproduce the full range by any reasonable standard. This term is also applied to speaker enclosures in a similar way, even though they may be made up of several different types of drivers that each take care of a specific portion of the frequency range.

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