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Free PC3K Sounds

Owners of the Kurzweil PC3K, your sonic options just got even bigger! Kurzweil has announced the new Sound Download Library exclusively for the PC3K — and it’s completely free of charge! Two collections of samples and programs are already available: Synthscapes and Take 6 Vocals. These libraries were originally created by Kurzweil for the K series instruments and have now been brought forward for PC3K owners to enjoy — indication of Kurzweil’s “no obsolescence” commitment. These sound libraries were developed with painstaking attention to detail in the world’s finest studios, and helped build the ongoing legacy of Kurzwei’s amazing synths and samplers.

Kurzweil will be adding additional collections to the Sound Download Library in the near future, including the Bass Gallery, Classic Analog Synths, and Up From the Curb (percussion loops featuring Bashiri Johnson).

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