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Microphone Month

Fostex D2424

Fostex has joined the 24-track hard disk recorder wave by delivering the D2424. The D2424 is capable of recording 24 tracks of 24-bit audio on to its built-in hard drive like its competitors. However what sets it apart is its ability to effectively bridge the gap between the hardware device and the computer as an editing solution. It comes with a PCI sound card and editing software. The idea is that your computer becomes completely integrated into the system, but without bogging it down with the actual recording process. Or, looking at it the other way, it makes your PC into a latency free recording environment and gives you a piece of recording hardware you can take with you anywhere.

For those of you who are majorly tweaky when it comes to PC’s you may enjoy this article on the upcoming Pentium 4. We don’t necessarily agree or disagree with the information presented (it’s very biased toward AMD and away from Intel), but it is interesting. Also there is a nice, detailed history of the past 20 years of PC processors that could really help those who want more background about where we’ve been (which always helps understand where we are going).

It’s time for January’s WSOTM (Web Site of the Month). In the spirit of the final few weeks of the NFL season we have a website that again proves you can find anything and everything on the web. This month’s winner is SuperBowl-Ads.com, a site devoted to the illustrious history of elaborate commercials and marketing campaigns that are rolled out during halftime at the Super Bowl.

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