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Eventide H7600 Review

Put simply, this is the ONE outboard effects unit you should have.

I will say that today I am uncharacteristically fatigued – I couldn’t help but stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing with this device. The H7600 has an intoxicating arsenal of effects, ranging from standard (albeit great sounding) reverbs, choruses, and delays to complex, multi-faceted algorithms incorporating several different effects simultaneously. The MIDI input is a great tool that allows you to instantly sync delays, LFOs, and the more outlandish modulation effects that the H7600 has under the hood.

But it doesn’t stop there – this box goes on to serve as a great mastering limiter/compressor/expander, a sampler that can automatically replace sub-par drum sounds, and even a sound generator capable of creating complex synthesized tones. All this power coupled with a great complement of I/O (including instrument inputs for the megalomaniacal guitarist) and a thousand presets catered for all natures of studio applications, makes it a must-have for any studio venture. And NOTHING sounds like an Eventide processor!

After testing it to process guitar tracks, vocal lines, and stereo mixes in a variety of musical styles, I was impressed each time I heard the result. Put simply, this is the ONE outboard effects unit you should have. Or, step up to the massive H8000FW for even more DSP and firewire connectivity!

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