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Abbreviation for Emagic System Bridge. The ESB is a software driver that serves as a link between Emagic’s native software and Digidesign’s TDM hardware. As such it allows users to be able to bring native processes (plug-ins and software synths) running on Logic Audio into the TDM mixer environment. It consists of two components: Direct TDM and EXS24 TDM.

ESB TDM allows the insertion of up to 32 instances of Emagic’s Xtreme Sampler 24 Bit within the Aux channels of Logic Audio’s TDM mixer. The output signals of inserted EXS24 instances can be further treated, utilizing all of the possibilities of the TDM DSP environment. Each EXS24 instance is handled by the computer’s CPU, and the ESB TDM routes their output signals into the TDM DSP’s. EXS24 MIDI performances are recorded on TDM Auxiliary tracks and are controlled directly in Logic Audio. This eliminates the need for OMS, making playback of the EXS24 TDM sample-accurate.

Direct TDM provides an additional audio engine running in parallel with DAE/TDM. It works like most native processing engines and offers up to 64 audio tracks, plug-ins, the use of VST effects and integration of Emagic or third party VST 2.0-compatible Audio Instruments. ESB provides up to eight outputs from this native audio engine, which can be streamed into Logic Audio’s TDM mixer – all within the computer.

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