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Best Mics for Recording Rap Vocals

Neumann U 87 The Neumann U 87 is an industry-standard condenser mic and has been for years because of its signature sound. The familiar look and sound of the U 87 have made it an engineer's and producer's top pick... Read more »

Road Essentials for Guitarists

If you're a guitarist who's involved in any kind of live performance, there are certain things that are critical to making sure you get the job done properly. Of course you need a good instrument and preparation to... Read more »

Best Mics Under $300 for Recording Vocals

You're about to get started on your first recording, and you want the vocals to sound amazing. Your wish list has lots of mics on it in the $1500 to $4000 price range, but they don't quite fit in the budget yet. So... Read more »

Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings

Paradigm Strings Last Longer, with Classic Ernie Ball Tone Ernie Ball has been crafting popular guitar strings for over 50 years, and the Ernie Ball Paradigm series represents their most advanced string technology... Read more »

500 Series: Why You Should Add One to Your Rig

Where It All Began API Founder Saul Walker In 1966, Saul Walker started designing audio components for his new company, Automated Processes Inc. (API). These components were modular building blocks built to fit into... Read more »

George Martin, Rupert Neve, and the Focusrite Red Range

The Focusrite story begins in 1985 when a producer approached Rupert Neve and asked for custom modules for his studio's Neve recording console. That producer was none other than Sir George Martin, of Beatles' fame... Read more »

How to Organize Cables & Gear Onstage

It's Time to Clean House A long, busy winter has been tough on your stage, backstage, and front of house. Cables are running everywhere — snaking to who knows where. You haven't seen your favorite mic since the... Read more »

Cable Management Tools for Stage and Studio

Spaghetti may be tasty, but it belongs on a plate, not the back of your rack. The sheer amount of time many of us waste sorting out tangled cables and liberating vital components of our rigs is criminal, especially... Read more »

DIs and Other Essential Live Sound Gadgets

DIs, Splitters, and More When people think about sound-reinforcement gear, usually it's mixers, PA speakers, monitor systems, and other highly visible equipment that comes to mind. However, many critical tasks fall... Read more »

Live Vocal Processors: Add Studio Magic to Your Live Show

For many singers, one of the most thrilling developments in music technology to take hold over the past decade is the widespread availability of live vocal processing. What started off as a handful of harmonizers... Read more »

Going Wireless: Solutions for Cutting the Cord

There are many reasons to embrace the wonderful wireless technologies available to modern live sound production, from the freedom to move around the stage to the ability to significantly drop stage volume. In many... Read more »

How to Choose PA Speakers

Whether you're running a venue or putting together a mobile rig, you need a sound-reinforcement system that can meet your needs, both today and in years to come. We can comfortably categorize these systems into... Read more »

Great Microphone Stands & Accessories You Should Know About

Consider the humble microphone stand — an often overlooked yet essential part of any live sound-reinforcement system. There are many kinds of stands to choose from, and it's important that you invest in the stands... Read more »

Best Live Sound Mic Placement Techniques

Getting great live sound is as much an art as it is a science, and much of that has to do with basic engineering techniques. Mic placement is one of the biggest factors of good live sound — nothing you do at... Read more »

Everywhere with Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash. This article could end right there. Few names in music pack a bigger wallop than the Man in Black himself – and today is his birthday. With Spring Break coming, it might be interesting to get a few... Read more »

6 Great Reverb Pedals

Reverb is an effect that can easily be taken for granted by guitarists. It comes built in to a lot of amps and is usually controlled by a single knob. And once the right setting is figured out, it's basically left... Read more »

Delmar Drum Wraps Turn 50

Drummers are a loyal bunch when it comes to the brands they play — the sounds, the features, and particularly the finishes. But what many drummers don't know is that the industry's most celebrated drum wraps have... Read more »

How Keith Emerson Changed the World of Synth

Today would've been Keith Emerson's 72nd birthday. Why is that important? Ask any synth player or fan of '70s progressive rock. They'll tell you that Keith Emerson was, no, is one of the most influential musicians... Read more »

“Paul is Dead” – Great moments in backmasking history

Forty-seven years ago today, WKNR Disc Jockey Russ Gibb took a call from a listener who presented mounting "evidence" that the Beatles' Paul McCartney was dead, citing clues hidden in the song "Revolution 9." This... Read more »

5 Must-have Studio Microphones Under $200

Need a decent studio mic? Don't have a lot of cash to spare? No problem! There are many excellent studio mics under $200 these days and some amazing values if you know what to look for. To help set you on the right... Read more »

How to Get Great Sound in Your YouTube Videos

Love it or... well... you've got to love it, really — YouTube is the predominant way we share video content today, but not all YouTube videos are created equal. One major difference between a great YouTube video and... Read more »

5 Must-have Live Microphones Under $500

Is it time to step up the quality in your live mic locker? If you have the budget to invest in a great live microphone, then you'll find no shortage of excellent options to choose from. There's a whole world of... Read more »

5 Must-have USB Mics

Nothing beats the convenience of a USB microphone when you just need to plug in a mic and get to recording. Whether you're running a home podcasting setup, laying down demos, or grabbing overdubs for studio... Read more »

Making Sense of Mic Specs – What Do They Really Mean?

Look at any mic online, and eventually, you're going to come across a bunch of specs that may not make sense to you. There isn't a standard set of specs that equate to the perfect mic, and no amount of staring at... Read more »