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6 Great Reverb Pedals

Reverb is an effect that can easily be taken for granted by guitarists. It comes built in to a lot of amps and is usually controlled by a single knob. And once the right setting is figured out, it's basically left... Read more »

Delmar Drum Wraps Turn 50

Drummers are a loyal bunch when it comes to the brands they play — the sounds, the features, and particularly the finishes. But what many drummers don't know is that the industry's most celebrated drum wraps have... Read more »

How Keith Emerson Changed the World of Synth

Today would've been Keith Emerson's 72nd birthday. Why is that important? Ask any synth player or fan of '70s progressive rock. They'll tell you that Keith Emerson was, no, is one of the most influential musicians... Read more »

“Paul is Dead” – Great moments in backmasking history

Forty-seven years ago today, WKNR Disc Jockey Russ Gibb took a call from a listener who presented mounting "evidence" that the Beatles' Paul McCartney was dead, citing clues hidden in the song "Revolution 9." This... Read more »

5 Must-have Studio Microphones Under $200

Need a decent studio mic? Don't have a lot of cash to spare? No problem! There are many excellent studio mics under $200 these days and some amazing values if you know what to look for. To help set you on the right... Read more »

How to Get Great Sound in Your YouTube Videos

Love it or... well... you've got to love it, really — YouTube is the predominant way we share video content today, but not all YouTube videos are created equal. One major difference between a great YouTube video and... Read more »

5 Must-have Live Microphones Under $500

Is it time to step up the quality in your live mic locker? If you have the budget to invest in a great live microphone, then you'll find no shortage of excellent options to choose from. There's a whole world of... Read more »

5 Must-have USB Mics

Nothing beats the convenience of a USB microphone when you just need to plug in a mic and get to recording. Whether you're running a home podcasting setup, laying down demos, or grabbing overdubs for studio... Read more »

Making Sense of Mic Specs – What Do They Really Mean?

Look at any mic online, and eventually, you're going to come across a bunch of specs that may not make sense to you. There isn't a standard set of specs that equate to the perfect mic, and no amount of staring at... Read more »

5 Must-have Studio Microphones Under $500

If you have a modest budget to invest in a quality studio microphone, then you'll be happy to discover that there are many options for spending your money wisely. In fact, there are so many good choices, it may be... Read more »

5 Great Mini Mics for iOS

Your iPhone or iPad is always at your side, and when inspiration strikes, it's often the best (or only) recording gadget you have handy. With the right mini microphone on hand, you can turn your iOS device into a... Read more »

Shotgun Mics vs. Lavaliers – Which is Better?

Gathering audio on location can pose unique challenges, regardless of whether you're conducting an off-camera interview, shooting a live video spot, or recording sound for a movie. Naturally, you're going to want to... Read more »

What Is a Highpass Filter? When Should I Use it?

On the simplest level, a highpass filter is just a filter (sometimes called a low-cut) that attenuates low frequencies below a certain cutoff frequency and allows frequencies above to pass. There are many kinds of... Read more »

5 Must-have Live Microphones Under $200

Outfitting your live mic locker can be a daunting and expensive task. Unlike studio work, where one or two solid mics can sometimes be enough, live sound reinforcement typically requires many more mics. When working... Read more »

How Phantom Power Works

While the words "phantom power" may conjure up scary images among non-audio professionals, there's nothing menacing about one of the most convenient technologies to ever accidentally enter the music industry. We say... Read more »

5 Ways Your Mic Technique Is Ruining Your Vocals

Photo courtesy of DPA Microphones When you're performing in front of the band, your job is all about connecting the audience with the music. When it comes to mic technique, there are several frontman fails that can... Read more »

4 Awesome Mic Stand Accessories

Having the right tools can change most any job from a chore to a breeze, sometimes drastically cutting the time required and yielding better results. Here are a few studio tools I've discovered that allow you to... Read more »

Recording Vocals on a Budget

We all dream of having a big-studio budget to buy the premium preamps and must-have microphones that everyone on the forums seems to own. When you're making room in your paycheck to carve out a bit of fun money... Read more »

Condenser Microphones: How Do They Work?

As opposed to simpler dynamic microphones, which are based on a moving coil (or other induction element) in a magnetic field, condenser microphones are based on variable capacitors, which makes sense when you know... Read more »

Ribbon Microphones: How Do They Work?

Many of the engineers here at Sweetwater believe that there are two types of engineers: those who love ribbon mics, and those who haven't discovered them yet. Ribbon mics weren't always the obscure forgotten... Read more »

USB Microphones: How Do They Work?

It used to be that if you wanted to record, you needed an audio interface, a decent preamp, and a microphone. Then along came USB microphones, which combine the microphone and the audio interface into a single handy... Read more »

7 Vocal Recording Mistakes You Can’t Fix in the Mix

"That's okay, we'll just fix it in the mix." That is not a phrase mix engineers want to hear. Ever. We all know there are things like tuning that can be fixed in the mix but there are some that can't, even with the... Read more »

7 Stereo Miking Techniques You Should Try

Engineers have been discovering unique techniques for recording in stereo for decades. Most of us are familiar with two or three techniques, but there are well over a dozen great methods to choose from, each with... Read more »

Dynamic Microphones: How Do They Work?

There are two major categories of microphones: dynamic mics and condenser mics. Whereas condenser microphones feature charged capsules that operate on the electrostatic principle, dynamic mics function via passive... Read more »