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Boss Micro BR Review

I used the Micro BR the other day in an interesting way. I ran it through my car stereo while a band member drove us to a gig. I could have easily used headphones but doing it that way gave the band the ability to hear me play and sing, sing along and mentally rehearse too.

I’ve also used it to record recently and I’ll say this thing has a very high quality mic built in! I recently tracked some mountain dulcimer and percussion using the Micro BR and its effects with stunning results! It has a mastering toolkit and assignable effects that can be triggered from the inputs, the tracks, or the built-in mic. Each has its own effects bank dedicated to that type of input. There is a nice reverb tailored to individual tracks which added a lot of depth to my recording and I was impressed with the punch I got out of my project when I applied the mastering effects. This unit sounds great for something so small, and it’s very easy to use. I used the editing parameters to clean up tracks, the EQ and compression to bring life to a stale drum, and with panning and a little delay the original recording sprang into a beautiful song. It’s great indeed to have all that power in something that’s not much bigger than a standard guitar tuner – which, in case you were wondering, it has as well.

Four tracks bouncable to 32, drums, COSM effects, flexible inputs all recorded to rock-solid SD memory cards of up to 1GB, a tuner, and MP3 player that doubles as a phrase trainer. You can’t miss with the Micro BR. I consider it a Swiss army knife that will always be in my gig bag!

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