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BLUE Blueberry Review

...you can also use the Blueberry for vocals, electric guitar, percussion, and drums... the Blueberry is ideal for acoustic guitars.

The Blueberry microphone is a great multipurpose microphone that is a great to add to your microphone collection. The Blueberry is sort of an entry-level microphone from BLUE (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics). BLUE microphones are being used by many of the top artist from: Pearl Jam to Travis Tritt to Outkast.

The Blueberry is a condenser with a cardioid pattern with a handcrafted large diaphragm capsule. In just looking at the microphone, you see that they are built in a different form than any other microphone, as you will see in the entire line of BLUE products. In testing the microphone, I connected it up to Digidesign Pro Tools System and using the built-in preamps on the Control 24. I converted the signal with the Digidesigns 192 I/O at 192 kHz with 24 bits. The guitar that I used was the Martin D-28, which has been used by many artists such as Paul Simon and Dave Matthews.

In testing out the Blueberry, I found that it has a very open ended high end. This gives you the bright high end that allows the Martin to cut through the mix very easily. In addition, the mid-range gives it the warmth and body that you is needed if you wanted to use it for simple acoustic guitar with a vocal. I would highly recommend that you purchase the shockmount or shockmount with pop filter to give you the ability to tilt the microphone around when the Blueberry is connected to a microphone stand. BLUE states that you can also use the Blueberry for vocals, electric guitar, percussion, and drums. However, from people that I have talked to, the Blueberry is ideal for acoustic guitars.

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