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BLUE Blueberry Review

I was very impressed with the Blueberry. Clean, functional, and versatile.

I recently had the privilege of reviewing this microphone on vocals and acoustic guitar. I was very impressed with the results. The signal chain, in my home studio, consisted of the Blueberry mic —> Focusrite TrakMaster w/digital I/O card —> S/PDIF into my audio interface. I own a few other condenser microphones, both tube and solid-state. However the Blueberry mic was beyond comparison with the other microphones in my arsenal.

I recorded the acoustic guitar about 6″ to 8″ away from the 12th fret area. It provided a very clean punchy tone, while the presence in the highs was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better sound on acoustic guitar. I also tried it out on some vocal tracks, with the mic about 6″ away as well. All the words were intelligible and clearly defined. The guys at BLUE have dialed in the exact amount of presence to make the vocals stand out without having to touch the EQ. Clean, functional, and versatile.

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