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Also commonly known as “Tasmanian Blackwood,” timber from the tree Acacia Melanoxylon is a hardwood that is easily worked, is remarkably stable, and radiates subtle beauty . The wood ranges from light golden-brown to deep brown, sometimes with a reddish tint and occasionally showing black streaks, with individuality further enhanced by its grain pattern. Typically it is straight, but sometimes wavy, producing a “fiddle back” pattern with an open and uniform texture. Nearly all Tasmanian Blackwood comes from the “Blackwood Swamps” near Smithton in the northwest of Tasmania, where almost pure stands of blackwood trees occur. The harvesting of timber is strictly controlled and the forest is managed on a 70-year rotation. This program protects the continuity of the resource and guarantees a small, but reliable, supply of mature logs each year. This cyclic harvest, combined with natural regeneration, guarantees that the unique beauty of Tasmanian Blackwood will be available for many decades to come.

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