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1. A preset organizational device used in many digital instruments and effects devices. For example, rather than store 1,000 patches in a straight list, the device breaks them down into 10 banks of 100. In many cases, this is more manageable for the user.
2. A place to store royalties earned on record sales.
3. On many control surfaces, a group of faders. By switching banks, more DAW faders can be accessed than the number of physical faders the device has. For example, if a device has eight physical faders, but a DAW session uses 24 virtual faders, by switching banks, the control surface can assign its faders to address DAW faders 9-16 or 17-24.
4. An group of similar switches, controls, indicators, or other items (“…a bank of knobs…” or “…a bank of LEDs…”)

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