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In audio production parlance an autolocator is a device that is connected to a multitrack recorder to provide control over various functions. It is similar to a remote control in that it brings control of the recorder to a location convenient to the user, but goes beyond mere remote control in that it allows a number of functions to be automated. Specifics vary from machine to machine, but they almost all allow a variety of “locations” to be stored and recall for easy locating. For example, one could easily store the location of the first chorus of a song, making it easy to recall and have the machine ‘locate,’ or ‘autolocate’ to that spot later. In most production environments many locate points are stored as a project matures. This makes it easy for the engineer to later return to any point of concern without having to find it by guessing. Most autolocators make it easy to store locations on the fly so the engineer can mark spots for later attention while working on something else. Autolocators also generally provide easy ways to repeatedly play back a section of audio and provide a variety of automatic punch in and out features.

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