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Articles by Andrew Malloy

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Review

Engineers have been replacing drum sounds on recordings for years. This really does make it easy to fix your drum sounds in any DAW with an extreme degree of accuracy. With Drumagog, Wave Machine Labs has really... Read more »

Korg AX3000B Review

The AX3000B is absolutly amazing. Very simple to use and program.When we first hooked up the AX3000B we were astounded with the bass amp models. When we dug in to the effects, we were blown away. Lush chorus... Read more »

Roland MC-909 Review

This addictive box is loaded with great sounding gooves and songs that you can use in almost any situation. The pitch and tempo controls will keep you rocking to your favorite vinyl or stuido session. This box is... Read more »

Roland V-Pro TD-20S-WT Review

The TD-20 Drum kit is by far the most advanced electronic drums I have ever played. It gives you the feeling of real drums and thier real reaction to your playing. All the subtleties of your playing are never lost... Read more »