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What is the difference between the input mix and the S/W tracks (represented by either side of the output crossfaders in SaffireControl PRO)?

Each pair of outputs (1/2 – 9/10) can have a unique blend of a generic mix of the inputs and audio from the recording platform/sequencer in use (e.g. Logic, Cubase etc.). The input mix is created using the eight faders at the top of SaffireControl PRO’s GUI (the function of which can be switched between different groups of inputs: analogue/SPDIF/ADAT1/ADAT2). If you just want to hear this input mix and nothing else on one of the pairs of outputs, you can set the crossfader for the output pair in the extreme left position.

Pre-recorded audio coming from the sequencer is called the PLAYBACK MIX or S/W (software) tracks. S/W tracks 1-26 in SaffireControl PRO relate to the audio routed to Saffire PRO Outputs 1-26 within the sequencer. So, S/W 1/2 normally represents the master mix as this is often routed to outputs 1/2 in the sequencer, unless more complex routing has been set up. There are switches in SaffireControl PRO to activate S/W 1/2 across all pairs of analogue outputs, so that this master mix can be heard on the headphones if doing a recording session. Alternatively, S/W tracks 1-10 can be activated across Saffire PRO outputs 1-10 if wanting to route specific tracks from the sequencer to specific outputs on Saffire PRO, when mixing or during multi-channel playback for example. (There are preset switches labeled TRACK and S/CARD in SaffireControl PRO to alternate the function of Saffire PRO between these two states: recording/tracking and mixing/soundcard mode.) If you just want to hear the S/W tracks and no inputs, you can set the crossfader for the output pair in the extreme right position.

To blend between amounts of the INPUT MIX and the S/W tracks on a stereo output pair to create a latency free mix for recording, simply set the crossfader in each output section to a central position. The further to the left/right the crossfader is set, the more inputs/SW tracks are heard.

Audio routed to Saffire PRO outputs 11-26 within the sequencer (S/W tracks 11-26) routes directly to ADAT1 (11-18) and ADAT2 (19-26).