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What’s the difference between Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro?

Syntrillium offers two audio editing applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000: Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro. Which one is right for you?

If you are an audio professional working in a studio, a radio station, or at a project studio where you need the most advanced audio mixing, editing, and effects processing capabilities available, then you probably want Cool Edit Pro. It is more powerful than Cool Edit 2000 and offers more high-end features. Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit Pro comes on CD. Cool Edit 2000 only is available by download.

If you are just getting started with professional audio recording and/or have a limited budget, then take a look at Cool Edit 2000. Although it does not have all of the high-end features of Cool Edit Pro, it is still very much a professional-level application, and you can expand it with plug-ins if and when you need to do so. Syntrillium does not offer telephone support for Cool Edit 2000, but our email support is fast and accurate. Give it a try by sending your questions to support@syntrillium.com.

See below for a list of the major differences between the two applications.

1. Cool Edit Pro offers 64-track mixing, with Record/Solo/Mute controls, Amp/Pan envelopes, and other similar multitrack features. Cool Edit 2000 does not come standard with multitrack mixing, although the optional $49 Studio Plug-In adds 4-track mixing capability.

2. Cool Edit Pro’s multitrack capabilities include support for multiple input/output devices, so if you have a multitrack audio interface or more than one sound card, you can use all of your devices in Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit 2000’s optional Studio Plug-In only addresses a single input/output pair for recording and playback.

3. Cool Edit 2000 comes standard with MP3 import/export. Cool Edit Pro does not offer this as a standard feature, but the optional $29 MP3 plug-in adds it.

4. Cool Edit Pro comes standard with more than 40 DSP effects, whereas Cool Edit 2000 has about 20. Effects in Cool Edit Pro that are not standard in Cool Edit 2000 include Chorus, Click/Pop Reduction, Hiss Reduction, Clip Restoration, Convolution, 10/20/30-band Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Multitap Delay, a Vocoder, an Envelope Follower, a Pan/Expander, and Sweeping Phaser, and Hard Limiting. (Note: The optional $49 Audio Cleanup Plug-In adds Click/Pop Reduction, Hiss Reduction, and Clip Restoration to Cool Edit 2000.)

5. Cool Edit Pro can be slaved to MIDI time code for syncing to a MIDI sequencer, or other recording device. Cool Edit Pro can also be triggered through external MIDI commands. Cool Edit 2000 does not have these features.

6. Cool Edit Pro is a packaged retail product that ships on a CD with an online manual, 50 free sound effects and 12 music beds from Sound Ideas, several sample multitrack sessions, and demonstration software from other manufacturers. Cool Edit 2000 is currently only available online.

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