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How to I use the USB connection to configure the Sac2.2 with Digital Performer?

If your Sac2k or Sac2.2 does not have the new USB SAC driver, you can download it for free at. http://www.radikaltechnologies.com/Services/Downloads/downloads.html

The “SAC Driver Package 110” contains three files, which will enable the SAC-2K/2.2 to be used via USB with either OMS or FreeMIDI.
– SAC Firmware 1.87 or later
– Mac OS 9.1 or later
– OMS 2.3.8 (if using OMS)
– FreeMIDI 1.47 (if using FreeMIDI)
– USB cable.
* A special USB cable is required for the SAC-2K to be used via USB. One can be ordered, free-of-charge, from Radikal Technologies directly. SAC-2.2 owners do not need the special USB cable.

Be sure the SAC-2K/2.2 is not connected to your computer, neither with USB, nor MIDI. Extract the sacdriverpackage.sit file from the Support CD. You will be prompted with the “The disk with your preferred destination folder is currently locked.” dialog box. Click “OK” and a dialog box will open where you can select the location that the extracted files will be saved to. After extracting, navigate to the selected folder and open the “sacdriverpackage110” folder. Copy the file “USB SAC driver” to the [System Folder > Extensions] folder.

OMS Users:
– Copy the file “Raditec SAC2.2 OMS” to the [System Folder > OMS Folder] folder.
– Restart the computer, then plug in the SAC-2K/2.2.
– Open OMS Setup and Scan for New Devices (or make a new Studio Setup)

FreeMIDI Users:
– Copy the file “Raditec SAC2.2 FreeMIDI” to the [System Folder > FreeMIDI Folder] folder.
– Restart the computer, then plug in the SAC-2K/2.2.
– Open FreeMIDI. Select the “virtual ports” to be used in [File > FreeMIDI Preferences…]

Port Definitions:

CONTROL – is used when you want to use the SAC as the main control surface for your software.

EXTERNAL – is for the SAC’s MIDI interface. When the SAC is hooked up via USB, the SAC’s MIDI
jacks become a built-in MIDI interface, convenient for hooking up a small desktop keyboard or
sound module, for example.
Synth Edit 3-5 are the SAC’s virtual MIDI ports, which are used to control virtual synths, such as
those in Reason, or Native Instruments. The cool thing about the virtual MIDI ports is that you can
maintain control of your main music program while also editing a virtual synth at the same time.
Config is the port used for sending the SAC’s Sysex setup data to your computer. The SAC always
receives Sysex data on all ports.