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How do I sync my Protools with my MPC2000X


1. You only need 1 cable to make this sync trick work. Start by plugging a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT port of your DIGI interface ( Mbox2 or MBox2Pro, Digi002r, Digi003r etc…
2. Plug the other end into the MIDI IN port of your MPC. Either 1 or 2 is fine.
3. Hit Shift+9 on your MPC, bringing up the MIDI/Sync page.
4. On the left side is Sync In, set the (In:1) to correspond to the port you plugged in from step 2.
5. Next, Mode should be set to MIDI Clock.
6. Shift Early can be left at 0.
7. Receive MMC should be set to ON.

Your MPC is now ready to receive MIDI sync commands from Pro Tools. Hit the MAIN SCREEN button to return to the main MPC window. If you don’t, you won’t hear your sequences when triggered. I don’t know why, but if you leave it on the MIDI/Sync page, it screws things up.

Pro Tools LE

1. Click Setups>Peripherals menu, then click the Synchronization tab
2. Set Device drop down to Generic MMC Reader
3. Set Port to Mbox2Pro ( or other Digi Interface)
4. Minimum Sync Delay is set at 30, but this is irrelevant
5. UNCHECK the “Enable Control of Pro Tools LE via MMC” checkbox (if it was checked)
6. Click the Machine Control tab
7. UNCHECK the ENABLE box (if it was checked)
8. The other two tabs are not necessary in our example
9. Click OK to exit the Peripherals dialog box.
10. Using the Pro Tools transport window, click the Clock icon, (or use the menu Operations>Online, or hit CTRL J)
11. The Clock icon now flashes.
12. Click the MIDI menu, then click Change Tempo.
13. Match Pro Tools tempo with your MPC sequence tempo. If your sequence is all MIDI notes or is a loop that can
be tempo adjusted without gap or spacing problems, you can change the tempo right in Pro Tools, and it will change it on the MPC all in real-time. This is very slick!

When you hit play (or rec+play) in Pro Tools, your MPC tempo should display (EXT) where the Tempo once was, but only during play. Also, you can use Pro Tools transport to FF or REW and it will move the time code display in the MPC.

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