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How do I sync the Fantom-X with Pro Tools 7?

Initial Setup:

1. Make sure the Fantom-X is in USB Storage mode. Press MENU.
2. Cursor to USB.
3. Choose STORAGE.
4. Make sure you have a MIDI cable connected from an output of the computer to an input of the Fantom-X, or that the Fantom-X is connected via USB.

Fantom-X Setup:

1. Press MENU.
2. Cursor to SYNC/TEMPO.
3. Under SYNC MODE turn dial to SLAVE/MIDI.
4. Press F8 (SYSTEM WRITE).
5. Press REC and then press PLAY.

The Fantom will now wait until it recives clock from Pro Tools.

Pro Tools LE Setup:

1. At Toolbar, go to Setup.
2. Select MIDI.
3. Select Beat Clock.
4. Put a check mark in “Enable Midi Beat Clock for…”
5. Select the MIDI interface (examples: Digi002 port A; Fantom USB MIDI; etc.).

When you press Play in pro Tools, the Fantom-X will also begin playback.

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