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Registering Your Digidesign Product

Registering Your Digidesign Product
In order to qualify for registration as a new system, the Digidesign product must have been purchased new from an Authorized Digidesign Dealer. Please see the Dealer Locator page in the About Us section of the website for Authorized Digidesign Dealers worldwide.

For more information on what registration entitles you to, please see the registration booklet included with all retail Digidesign product packages.

Authorized US Digidesign dealers do not sell Digidesign products on eBay.com or other online auction sites in the US. If you purchase a Digidesign product from an online auction site, you may be purchasing from someone other than an Authorized Digidesign Dealer, and your product may not be registered as a new product.

If you do not have a receipt with an authorized dealer’s name on it (see list of Authorized Digidesign Dealers), then you did NOT buy from an authorized dealer even though it may have been advertised as such. This product will then be considered as used or previously owned and is not entitled to free Technical Support or free software upgrades. Some companies do have authorized online stores, such as Musician’s Friend (the online outlet for Guitar Center stores), but they are not allowed to sell on auction sites such as eBay.

Online Product Registration

In 2005, Digidesign introduced a new online registration process for new products that include an online registration card. For information on this process, please see the Digidesign Product Registration section of the website.

Click on “Register Your Product” for an example of the online registration card included with new systems manufactured in February 2005 and later.

If you purchased a new Pro Tools core hardware system (Pro Tools|HD, Digi 002, Digi OO2 Rack, Mbox 2 Pro, Mbox 2, Mbox), please make sure to register both your core hardware unit and any additional software included such as the HDpack, Ignition Pack, or Factory Bundle at the Digidesign Online Registration section of the website.

For support purposes and eligibility for free updates, the actual hardware unit must be registered, not just the additional software.

Products manufactured by Digidesign prior to February 2005 do not include the registration card that will allow you to register online. These older products include a registration booklet with a white registration form that you must mail or fax to Digidesign.

Registration Alert for Mbox 2 Pro Owners

For important information about registration that may apply to you, please see the following article:
Registration Alert for Mbox 2 Pro Owners
Previous Product Registration – Mail or Fax

If an online registration card was not included with your new product purchase, please fill out the white registration card included with the purchase and either mail it in or fax it to 650.731.6384 marked “Attention: Registration”. To fax from outside of the US, use the fax number for your Local Digidesign Office or fax to the US registration fax number: 001-650-731-6384.

If you did not receive a registration card, please fax a copy of your original sales receipt from an Authorized Digidesign Dealer with all serial numbers clearly displayed on the fax. Hardware serial numbers can be

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