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Can I record multiple tracks of MIDI into Steinberg Cubase 5.x VST Virtual Instrument tracks while hearing them in real time?

Yes! Here’s how- it may seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s easy:

1. Setup any VST instruments you wish to use.

2. Go to Options – Multirecord, and make sure Active is checked. Also, change it to Channel Split.

3. Make sure you have the track info at the left of the tracks viewable. You can view this by clicking on the right arrow at the bottom-left of the arrange window. Also, now at the top of the Track Info, there is another right arrow. Click it to expand the Track Info further.

4. Select one MIDI track by clicking on it. You’ll also need to hit R (record enable) and select any of the four options – these really do not have an effect on what we’re doing.

5. At the left (track info), select Channel ANY.

6. Up at the top of the Track Info, you’ll find Multi Out and a down arrow. Click this and select Add Out for as many MIDI tracks as you plan to record. Nothing will appear to happen, but it is secretly adding tracks in the background- the next step will show you this.

7. Next to that, you’ll see your Midi channel with a down arrow now. Click it, and you’ll see Midi1, +Midi1, +Midi1, etc. These are your tracks within a track.

8. Select the first one. Select your Instrument and Channel (incoming) and patchname, and any other parameter you wish. When finished, select the next one (+Midi1) and so on until you have setup all your tracks.

9. You can test this setup by starting your multi-channel midi input. You should hear all your instruments on the correct instruments you set up. In your VST Channel Mixer, you’ll have different audio tracks for each VST instrument. Here, you can add effects, automation, volume/pan, and route to different outputs. This does not occupy an actual audio track, but is created in real-time when you play or bounce down, so you can treat it like an audio track.

10. Now you’re ready to record. When finished, you can leave the track as a combination track or go to Structure – Explode by Channel. This will create separate tracks with the parameters you set and will allow a bit more flexibility in editing. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can leave it as a combined track.

All this can be done while recording audio on other tracks.

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