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How do I record an instrument plug-in to an audio track in Pro Tools?

There are two methods for creating an audio track from an instrument plug-in. Both are equally effective and take about the same amount of time.

Assuming you already have your instrument plug-in loaded as an instrument insert on an Aux track:

Method #1
A. Change the OUTPUT of the Aux track from you main outs (normally “Analog 1-2) to “Bus 1-2” (or any available bus pair).
B. Create one new stereo audio track. Make the INPUT of this new track “Bus 1-2” (or match it to the bus output of the Aux track).
C. Click the Record button on the audio track and engage record on the ProTools transport.
– By using this “bus” method, you’re patching your instrument plug-in into to an audio track to record.

Method #2
A. Mute all tracks except the Aux track on which your instrument plug-in is inserted, AND the MIDI track(s) assinged to MachFive.
B. Select the length of the track (on the track or the timeline) and choose “Bounce to Disk” from the File menu.
C. In the Bounce to Disk window, make sure the “File Type” is set to Multiple Mono and all other settings match your Session Settings. MOST IMPORTANT, check the box next to “Import After Bounce.” Proceed with the bounce process.
D. When Bounce is complete, create a new Stereo Audio track.
E. From the Audio Regions List drag the newly bounced file to the new track.
*Tip, if your bounce selection started at “zero” drop the new file into the track using “SHUFFLE” mode. If not, drop the file into the track using “SPOT” mode and choose “use original time stamp” in the Spot dialog.

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