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Where do I get the new firmware for the G-System and how do I load the firmware once I get it from my PC?

The newest firmware and driver can always be found on TC Electronic’s website, www.tcelectronic.com. There is a link off of the G-System product page for the “Free Update.” Follow the link and save the updater to your desktop.

Please follow these instructions step by step, and
you should have your G-System updated within a few minutes.


In case of failure during upload – do NOT turn your G-System off.
Please simply restart the upload procedure from step 1.

Note: Updating the application software will NOT affect your user presets.

Upload procedure:

Step 1: Connect the included USB cable from your PC to the G-System USB connector.

Step 2: Open the “G-System Updater” application on your PC.

Step 3: Click the “BOOST” switch on the “G-System Updater”. You will now see G-System stating:”updating software”.

Observe the progress bar in the bottom of the Updater application.

The G-System will eventually ask you to “Turn power off”. This will complete the software upload.

NOTE; Your computer might prompt; “USB Connection Time out” simply hit OK to finalize the upload.

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