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Can I use my MPD24 as a Program change controller for my Eclipse FX Rack ( for realtime control)

Attach MIDI OUT from MPD24 to MIDI IN on Eclipse
On Eclipse, press SETUP 2 times, MIDI & make sure Channel:OMNI is set
Press HOT KEYS button
On MPD24 press EDIT, hit the pad you want, change NOTE to PROG CHANGE
Press the knob (Enter)
Band M is your bank, Prog is your program.

So, if you want to assign Eventides 161 Reverse Crystals effect to pad 1 on the MPD24, your screen should look like this:

MIDI Ch Prog Bank M Bank L
1A 061 001 000

Press the knob (Enter)
Press the pad

Everything should work

The benefits from changing effects this way is you can assign up to 64 different effects that can be changed in real time during a performance. Pretty cool. If you need to change the MIDI channel to anything other than 1A (the A refers to using MIDI cables vs. 1B using USB) you can by pressing GLOBAL, press > button, COMMON CH2 can be changed to whatever you want (default is 1A.)

(Courtesy of Sweetwater Customer Mark Higginbotham. Plano Tx.)

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