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Why is my Microboards DX1 is only printing one color on all my disks?

Microboards has confirmed that sometimes their ink cartridges can become defective or even be that way with new, rerplacement ink cartidges. There is a simple way to test the ink cartidges to confirm if they are defectve.

1. Remove the color ink cartridge and press the priniting end onto a paper towel for a few seconds.

2. If The resulting ink blot shows three distinct colors of Red, Yellow, & Blue then the cartridge is fine and the problem may be elsewhere with the DX1.

2. If the resulting colors are anything other than Red, Yellow, & Blue (Red, Yellow, & Orange or Green, Yellow, & Blue etc..) then the ink cartidge is bad and should be replaced.

Replacement ink cartridges can be obtained by calling Microboards tech support directly at 952 556 1639.

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